celia's day...

1. the day started off with construction workers beating the crap out of the sidewalk right across the street. it was barely daylight, and i didn't have to get up for 2 hours.

2. then...i buy the wrong tickets for nkotb. however, ticketmaster was nice enough to cancel the order, and we got different ones. YES...we are so going to see new kids on the block! i was slightly obsessed with them when i was younger.

3. then...i see clients. and no air! and it's hot.

4. and then the air in my car decides that it wants to be mean and not work consistently.

5. then celia goes to shop for a father's day card. let's just talk about greeting card shopping etiquette for a moment.
  • if you want to reach a card that is very close to me, you walk over to get it, and knock my hand, please say excuse me.
  • do not leave your children in the buggy unattended. and do not leave them blocking half of the cards. and do not let them scream and yell so much so that their faces turn red.
  • and finally...do not stand so close to me that a part of your body is touching me....especially when we are the only people on the aisle.
5. then to wal-mart. and of course, they don't have the main item i went for.

6. and when i get home...unloaded the groceries....i knocked the salt out of the cabinet...and spilt it all over the place. nice celia.

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