the zoo

the fam was in town this weekend...and thad and i went to the zoo. it was a really nice day...not too hot, not too cold.

i haven't been to the zoo...in oh...about 15 years. it was actually pretty fun.

but it was some bird day there. thankfully, they didn't have birds all flying around. as long as they stay far away from me or are behind a net, i am ok. i did have 1 moment of slight freak out though. but the exit was really close, and i kept telling myself that i was saved my the blood of jesus. i'm not really sure why i said that...just the first thing that came to mind.

here are some pictures:


some sort of monkey

ginormous snake

the meerkats were too cute...they were one of my favorites.

bengal tigers

lunch with a tad too much ketchup

wild african dog wallowing around

zebras...another favorite


clouded leopard



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Buffy said...

Excuse me....what about the Opry?