the opry

so...the fam also went to the opry. and here's the real story of what went on...

the reason we all went was obviously because the sister LOVES her some carrie. she bought 2 tickets...found better ones...bought those 2...then found 2 more that were on the 3rd row. so, it left her with 6 tickets. we are a family of 5...so, that means 1 person had to sit by themselves.

so, i volunteered to sit in the worst seats by myself. i am a big girl after all.

but then the sister goes and gives the ticket to a scary older man...and by older i mean mid-40's. and then celia's not so fun night at the opry begins...an hour before it started. here are some highlights...or maybe i should say lowlights:

the moment he walked up...an older man sitting a few seats down said "man...you got lucky tonight" as he glanced me over. then the scary old man (whom i nicknamed mr. sweat because he fanned and wiped sweat off his face all night) glanced me over and chuckled and said "man, i sure did!"

nice to meet you too mr. sweat.

throughout the night....
he asked me to go to the wildhorse afterwards...gave me his business card...bought me a water (even though i didn't want it and really had to go the the bathroom), got me a straw to go with the water...tried to get me to eat some of his caramel popcorn...and after i told him what i did, he tried to get me to analyze him...

he also told me that he hated tattoos...hello i have one! he asked me who my sister had to sleep with in order to get such good seats. hello....she's not that kind of girl!

and he had binoculars that i swear were on the crowd more than the stage. the shows on the stage mr. sweat.

it felt like i was on a 4 hour blind date from hell.

i never once asked him a question and answered his questions as succinctly as possible.

and to top it all off...i literally ran out of place when it was over. got to the car...and he was parked 1 car over.


here are some pictures...

cute little jimmy dickens


buffy's favorite person in the whole wide world

old mad tippin

garth came to induct carrie


drunk marty stewart

they made me want to be a square dancer. it looked fun!

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