mr. mint and lucy

maybe my black thumb is turning a little green. my brother gave me a plant...mint i believe...that he started from seed. when i got it, it was about an inch or so tall.

look at it now...

i haven't killed it...and it's actually growing (leaning...but growing). hooray for mr. mint!

so, i had a rock hit my windshield the other day and put a crack right in front of my face. a-nnoying!

so, i submitted my claim online to state farm. the glass man (it's really the company name) came today, and now little lucy has new glasses.

and i got my oil changed at jiffy lube. they were friendly, quick, and thorough. never will i go back to wal-mart and wait a thousand hours.

lucy is sittin' pretty...just like my plant, mr. mint.

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