i got my eyes checked today for the first time in....oh 2+ years.

my optic nerve and other important parts of the eye that i can't remember are in great shape...no signs of the bad burton eyes. and the glasses i've been wearing have been too strong. my vision has improved!

the doc said it could be due to 1. pregnancy. 2. "getting rid of a husband" or 3. getting rid of stress.

must be the stress...no husband or babies here! i was in grad school when i got them tested and to say that was a stressful few years is an understatement.

so, now i'm in contacts again. kinda weird. i still think my glasses are on my face and have attempted to adjust them. must be kinda like amputees feel. weird.

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teamburton said...

My eyes are great. But then again, that may be because I got the laser surgery.