sometimes i feel like my job sucks the life out of me.

that's me today. overwhelmed and emotionally tired.

i need to go on a vacation.

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Caleb said...

There is some book or some movie that our profiles have in common. I can't remember what it was but since that time I've been checking out your blog. I always enjoy the southern vibe you have.

Our jobs, vocations, ministries, callings, (whatever label suits you) ought to infuse us with life. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remember that we are not changers or renovators of the lives of others. We are the instrument of change in the hand of another.

I know a young woman who has involved herself in the lives of children. Check out her Xanga site. Sometimes her spelling and grammar make me cringe. I tried to convince her to go to college but she couldn't do it because she has a burning heart. http://www.xanga.com/l2ashbash

I enjoy your "jewels of wisdom."