i'm quite the proponent of cbt. it's typically the therapeutic approach that i use.

for you non-counseling people...the basis of cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy) is that the way we feel and act is directly effected by what we are thinking.

very simple example:
event: you see one of your friends...he/she does not acknowledge you.
thought: he/she's so stuck-up...what did i do to him/her...he/she's rude.
feeling: anger, frustration, etc.
action: might fight, might ignore him/her...

what if you thought: maybe he/she didn't see me. maybe he/she's having a bad day.

if you thought these things, you would probably feel and act differently.

this totally makes sense to me, and i see how...in the words of one of my old professors..."stinking thinking" gets people into a funk and hence brings them into therapy. if you are aware of your thoughts and are able to check for errors...then you will probably feel better, have better relationships, and act differently.

you may be thinking...why exactly, celia, are you telling us this?

well, i found this poster the other day and i'm in love with it. i thought i'd share it and why i love it.

i firmly believe that we are totally shaped by our thoughts. buddha knew it too.

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jennifer said...

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And yes, the poster is FABULOUS!!!