i went home this past weekend. when i have difficulty with emotional (and by emotional i mean work) boundaries...the next best thing is physical boundaries. so, i had to get out of town and leave work behind.

the drive isn't so fun but it gives me time to think. and on the way back, i got to thinking about how life is different is rural alabama.

girls wear camouflage.
the majority of vehicles on the road are trucks and suvs.
the teen-age hang out spot is a parking lot.
a date would not be complete without a trip to wal-mart.
there are dirt roads...off the main highway.
most people own a 4-wheeler.
you can actually hear birds chirp, frogs croak in the swamp, and crickets make their noise.
people wave at you...even if they don't know who you are.
people have gardens...full of okra, tomatoes, peas, corn...
the pace of life seems to be slower.

the list could go on, but i'm tired of typing.

my batteries have been recharged, and now i'm ready for the craziness that is my job.

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