it's been a while

it's been a month. sorry to my 2 loyal readers...

here's a little recap of some things that have happened:

1. i officially have over 100,000 miles on my car now. i try to treat her well so she'll treat me well and not leave me stranded in a not so good part of town.

2. christmas was good. it was nice to get out of town for 2 weeks and forget all about work. i was at home...mainly hanging out with my brother. he's fun. i took a bunch of pictures, but here are my two favorite pics...

we had so many fires inside and outside, you would have thought that we didn't have heat or that it was 20 below zero. but it wasn't. i guess we just like fires.

thad on the top of our house...which is for sale. kinda sad to think that it could possibly be out last christmas in the house.

3. new year's was good too. we watched the game, and auburn won. so that's always good. we partook in some food and beverages, had a fire, and thad shot a ton of fireworks.

4. i went to see annie with buffy and daphne. the little girls in it were really good. i wonder what it would be like to be 9 years old and traveling the country.

5. i scored some really good bargains. i got one of those automatic cat litter box things for $18....they are regularly $90. i also got some wrapping paper for a quarter and brita water pitcher and 3 filters for $12. those are the best deals i have gotten in a long time.

6. do you know what the poverty level is? here are the 2007 guidelines:

family of 1: $10,210
family of 2: $13,690
family of 3: $17,170
family of 4: $20,650
family of 5: $24,130
family of 6: $27,610
family of 7: $31,090
for each additional person, add $3,480

makes me feel a lot better about my paycheck. people out there are struggling.

7. so, let's just talk about the current trend of being green. it's everywhere you look...even wal-mart. so, if wal-mart has it, you know it is a trend. i watched oprah friday, and her show was all about it. the numbers are crazy.

but coming from a small south alabama town where timber is king, how does being green have an affect on logging companies. do they plant trees back when they cut them down? if we do get better at recycling and not consuming so much useless trash, how will that effect the logging people?

as i was shopping today, i realized that sometimes i choose convenience over what is really good for the environment. it seems like that is the problem...we are using a lot of unnecessary things because it is convenient. i like to have some things packaged into 100 calories intervals, but i probably could just buy a larger bag and do it myself. i like being able to use a clorox wipe, but i probably should use a rag so i can wash it and reuse it. i should probably buy organic and local fruits and vegetables, but once again...it does not seem as convenient because i would have to wait until the weekend, drive downtown, and spend more money.

but i'm trying to be more conscious of the earth. it's not mine. in the grand scheme of things, i am only here for a short time. there's a kenyan proverb that comes on the cereal i eat that i like:
treat the earth well. it wasn't given to you by your parents. it was loaned to you by your children.

8. oh yea...i got a zebra rug for christmas. i really heart it!


Daphne said...

Finally....a post!!! It was very informational!

erin said...

ok, but here's the thing with "being green"....it's becoming trendy...and trendy to the pt that no one is really taking it to heart, just doing something enough to call themselves green...example: having a green car and then driving said car cross country really slowly...i mean, at least if you are going to drive from calif. to n'ville you are driving a car, but really?? or how the greenhills starbucks doesn't place the coffee condoms on the drinks for me cause they say they are green...a-u used paper to make that sign telling me u were green and then plastic to house said sign. b-u already were using post consumer materials, so pt not really taken. c-ur cups are too freaking hot to hold without. so i'm just going to put it back on. now, you just don't do it for me! :)

don't get me wrong...i'm all into saving the environment and all...just suggesting the irony. plus i wanna know what kinda cars (and how many) all those stars with lots of money (which also makes it easier to be green) proclaiming greendom are driving???