i got tagged...

so daphne tagged me. i don't often respond to tags...but since i'm wasting time waiting on the floor to dry and because daphne is fun...i'll give in.

here are 8 random things about me:

1. i love christmas! it is my favorite time of year....my apartment was decorated before thanksgiving.

2. i am terribly afraid of birds. i think they are ugly, mean, and of the devil.

3. i love all things chocolate. i usually eat something chocolate every day.

4. i read perezhilton.com to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip.

5. my new favorite website is apartmenttherapy.com. it makes me want to redecorate my apartment. i already have the habit of changing things around every time i clean...this website makes me want to do that even more.

6. i am really considering investing in canvas or some time of bag to take to stores when i buy things so they won't give me those plastic bags. they seem like such a waste.

7. i like to work crosswords...if they are easy.

8. when i was little, i got cat scratch fever once.

so, i'm not sure how many to tag...but, if you want to...erin, tammy, cody, marissa, jackie, ben, and just to see if you'll do it...buffy.

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Daphne said...

Happy New Year! Time for a new post.