a whole lot of nothing

nothing too terribly exciting has occurred in the world of celia. i have to write the progress notes from my sessions with my clients in third person. it's annoying, but since i have to do it everyday, it makes me want to write blogs, e-mails, etc in third person for some reason. but i'll refrain.

thanksgiving was good. i got to see lots of family and eat lots of good, southern food. buffy and i got up at 2:30 friday morning to go shopping, and daphne met us there. it was kinda fun, and we might have started a new tradition.

and auburn won! hooray for number 6!

my paw paw is sick. he has hospice at home right now. it is only a matter of time before he dies. he has already seen jesus, my maw maw (who died a year ago), and the "prettiest" tomato plants with lots of tomatoes on them. it's hard. in my head, i know that heaven is a better place for him. but in my heart, i'm sad.

here are a few pics from thanksgiving:

these were the fruits of the annual thanksgiving dessert cooking...cream cheese pound cake, peanut butter pie, oreo cheesecake

buffy and mama

buffy and sam wrestling...she lost.

the brother and me

the sister and me

the cousins


after we ate with mama's side of the family, we went over to paw paw's. and what would a get together be without some dress up...

black friday shopping...it was cold!

after the shopping...don't we look a hot mess?

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