living simply

i'm trying to live as simple as i can. this doesn't mean that i am going all granola. i still love my conveniences...i like internet and hot water and electricity. and i like to decorate my apartment.

but i am trying to make sure that i use just what i need. i try to go through my apartment and clean out cabinets, closets, etc. at least once a month. i recycle. i try to unplug those appliances that aren't used often. i try not to make needless trips to the store...when i can wait and run all my errands at the same time. i really try to make sure i eat leftovers and don't throw food away.

i think the biggest thing for me is to spend my money wisely. i'm really trying not to buy stuff that i really don't need or clothes, shoes, or purses that won't get worn or used so much. i cut my own hair. and i'm pretty good at finding stuff on sale.

and for a girl that absolutely loves cute shoes...today, i cut my collection down to 24 pairs. to some of you that is still a lot. but for me...that's pretty spectacular. i used to average about 40 pairs.

it just seems like the less clutter i have on the outside, the less clutter i have on the inside. and for a mental health professional, that's pretty important.

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