let's just talk about today

so, it has been a long week...and it's only tuesday.

but today...

1. i got the best customer service in the auto/tire section in wal-mart that i have ever had. it probably has a lot to do with me being there at 7:15 in the morning...15 minutes after they open. the guys were very polite, helpful, and more friendly than usual. it also only took about 30 minutes to work on lucy #2.

2. i changed clothes 3 times today, and it wasn't because i was being a prima donna.

3. i got so frustrated with traffic today that i yelled in my car. i've never yelled. honked...yes. but not yell.

4. my new favorite food is sweet potato fries. i heart them.

1 comment:

erin said...

why are just now discovering sweet potato fries.....all other kinds are just plain boring in comparison.....they could all disappear off the face of the planet and not a tear would fall from my eyes...but sweet potatoe fries....mmmmmm.....thanks for making me crave them!