civil rights

injustice...prejudice...racism...they get on my nerves. they evoke feelings in me that are not pleasant. i can't stand it when it happens today. i can't imagine how i would have felt if i had lived through it during the civil rights movement.

i wonder what i would have done...how i would have reacted....how i would have felt. i am a white woman...from the south. would that have made a difference? what about my family...would they have cared? would they have gotten involved?

some of the most critical aspects of the movement occurred in alabama...in towns that i have been to so many times. yet, i don't think that i have ever made the connection....this is the bridge where bloody sunday happened. this is the church that was bombed and little girls died...these are the streets that martin luther king, jr marched.

so, i have started a quest...to look into and learn more about this movement and how it still affects america today.

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