i like zebras. i fell for them when we were on the safari in africa several years ago.

and now i want a zebra rug. actually, i have wanted one for some time, but...1. i was in school and did not have a lot of disposable income 2. i don't want to spend a fortune on something that people are going to walk all over and my cats are going to sit on.

but, i started to look for one last night. and much to my despair...people were selling rugs made from actual zebras. that makes me very sad! why would anyone want to kill an animal just to make a rug out of it.

sometimes when i think of ground beef or steak as once being a living cow, it grosses me out.

i'm not a vegetarian or hard core animal rights activist. but i do think we should treat animals nicely and not make rugs out of them.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to deal with the drama this weekend. I hope you made it back home safely!