7 things to say

1. i hadn't realized how much trash i generate that can be recycled. after 2 weeks...i still only have half a bag of trash. recycle people!

2. i hate driving!!! i need a job that doesn't make me drive so much. hopefully my next few cases will be close together.

3. just because you drive a big suv or a nice car does not mean that you can ignore the yellow and white lines on the road. yesterday, 3 people in nice, big expensive cars came very, very close to hitting me. let's just say that my horn got a work out.

4. i love cereal, but i don't eat it because the stuff that tastes good is bad for you. but i have now found a new cereal...it this organic, multi grain cereal from wild oats. it actually tastes good and not like cardboard like all the other good for you cereals.

5. i have a secret. i think that i need to read perezhilton.com on a daily or every other day basis. i don't know why. i guess i just like to be in the know on celebrity gossip. i don't agree with him on some things...but he usually has the low down on what's going on in the gossip world.

6. the auburn/vandy game was fun. we won, and we got lots and lots of coke tops for daphne. and i got to go to brick oven again. i'm in love with that place. the sister just called and told me that we got free tickets to the ole miss game. i'm pretty excited about that now too. it's nice to finally live close enough to go to games. i love auburn.

7. it's finally fall in nashville...hooray! i've turned off my air, broken out the long sleeves, and hung my fall wreath. i love fall!

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Marissa said...

Have you ever tried Kashi Go Lean Crunch? It's good and good for you! :)