a year

a year ago on this very day, i moved to nashville. my daddy and i loaded up all of my earthly possessions in the u-haul and headed out. thankfully, my entire family was kind enough to help unload and tote all my stuff up a flight of stairs.

it's weird to think that i have been here a year. the more i'm here, the more i think that i like this place. i still haven't found a church...so, that could be part of why i don't feel completely settled.

i certainly have grown as a counselor. i now know why we have to be supervised for our first 2 years...we kind of suck and need lots of guidance. now, i have a lot more resources and have learned a lot of things that they never even thought about teaching us in grad school. i can only imagine where i'll be a few years down the road.

and i can get my first percentage of my perkins loan cancelled. hooray for that!

now, i only have 1 more year until i can apply for licensure. that's something that i'll really get excited about.

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