the weekend...

it was a sad, sad weekend for auburn fans. we lost and the other team in the state won. i think it's official now that we aren't going to have another great season. i hope that things get better, but i'm not holding my breath for that. it's weekends like this that make me glad that i am a resident of the state of tennessee.

i went to the game with the buffster and daphne. she put a few pictures of the weekend on her blog. we did get burnt to a crisp at the game. i think next time we'll use our good friend mr. sunscreen.

the weekend wasn't a total bust. even if we did lose...auburn games are always fun, and we had really good seats! i also got to see my siblings...got to eat at brick oven...we got some free football food before and after the game...got to see taylor hicks perform...daphne got a trillion coke tops...i got some auburn cups.

every time i meet with my clients, i ask them to tell me three feelings that they have experienced since the last time we met. it's safe to say that this weekend, mine would be mad, sad, and disappointed.

but, in spite of it all, i do still love auburn.

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