the loveliest village on the plains

i've recently had 2 non-auburn, non-alabama residents tell me about their visits to the beloved campus. both said that everyone was happy, and one asked me what they put in the water....that everyone was full of spirit.

how do you explain all that is auburn to people that don't really have a clue?

i'm finding it difficult to put into words. i just say that once the auburn spirit gets in you, it never leaves.

i could start a list of all the reasons why i love auburn, but that would take too long and i'm tired today.

but i do love auburn...always have and always will.


Buffy said...

Who were the 2 friends?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me hang out this weekend! It was fun (minus the LONG car ride home ;).

Marissa said...

War Eagle! :)

Team Burton said...

It's not spirit so much as it is arrogance. :D

Roll Tide.

celia said...

you are not allowed to say such things cody!