what do you believe?

there are these billboards in the birmingham area about what people believe. they had a website on them...so, of course...i went and looked. and it made me think.

what would my billboards say?

so...i made a list for the 2 readers of my ever popular blog....it isn't an exhaustive list....in case you were wondering.

i believe....

  • in sleeping late
  • that a cat's purr can make a girl's day better
  • in doing what you love
  • that you absolutely have to take care of yourself
  • that slow drivers should stay out of the fast lane
  • in mental health
  • in Jesus
  • that chocolate can cure the blahs
  • in family...you sometimes can't live with them, but you certainly can't live without them
  • in having boundaries
  • that you can be whatever you want to be
  • in being respectful
  • in santa claus....because he still comes to see me
  • that everyone has a calling and it is up to them to figure it out what it is and use it
  • that birds are of the devil...they are ugly, mean, and nasty
  • in organization and cleanliness
  • in treating yourself to a prize at least once a week
  • in teamwork
  • in laughing 'till your sides hurt
  • that i have been blessed so that i can be a blessing
  • in watching marathons of your favorite tv shows
  • in smiling at strangers
  • in saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • in being on time
  • in being honest, real, and truthful
  • that i will never get tired of auburn football
  • that exercising will make you feel better
  • in equality

what do you believe?

1 comment:

Audry said...

celia...I love it. I love it. I love it. I'll join you in believing that birds are of the devil...they are ugly, mean, and nasty. brilliant!