happy half new year's day!

so, sadly enough...i'm back from vacation. i came back to lots of work. i guess people's problems don't take vacations.

and i have had to put up some boundaries. i can't necessarily share the details due to confidentiality...but i must say that boundaries and ethics are my friends. i wish more people had appropriate boundaries.

i went to a new church today. and guess what kind of music they played....bluegrass. for a moment i thought that i was going to get up and leave. it was good bluegrass...but, i don't necessarily worship to it. apparently it was bluegrass weekend. i'm not so sure how i feel about the church. there were several guys with hats on. granted....i am all about being causal...but hats? we shall see what it is like on a non-bluegrass weekend.

since we have half of the year left...i decided to set some goals for myself. i won't bore you with them. but i decided that i needed to make some changes. so, like the good therapist that i am, i wrote 5 specific, measurable things that i want to accomplish. we shall see how that goes.

now...i must go and put in a few hours of work. and finish watching girls just want to have fun. 80's movies are the best!

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erin said...

k, when you said hats....i was still laughing at the bluegrass wkend and i thought you meant straw hats....that's all i could see with overalls and the old men chewing on straw strands! hilarious!!!! i want to know where you went.....