i have found my new favorite store.

steve and barry's. i never knew such existed. you should go to one. i got 3 shirts and a pair of shoes (none of which were on sale) for $33. i didn't see anything over $14.98. i'm in love.

i got back yesterday from my long weekend home...and i came back to a mess. my genius apartment maintenance men thought that it was ok to lock 2 cats in my bedroom. they were shut in there for 3 days without food, water, or a potty. they used my bedding for their litter box. it was gross. so i had to wash the bedding...throw some of it away...and get new pillows. luckily it didn't get to the mattress.

but i was mad.


erin said...

and i hope you expressed that to them as well my dear! if you aren't doing anything wed. night...free movies in centennial park (i think it's an oldie) starts at dusk (around 8p)...call me!

Tammy said...

They have Steve and Barry's back in PA! I went to my first one over Christmas. I love it! Most of my t-shirts are from there now.