bad boys, bad boys
whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when they come for you

yall know that song...the theme song for the show cops.

and i can't get it out of my head. probably because i have been watching a marathon of the show...and i can't stop watching. i'm glued to this show today. something about the police doing their jobs in intriguing to me.

i have had more contact with the police since i moved to nashville than i have in my whole life...mainly because of the nature of my job.

but sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with the job. i was driving to the office the other day, and i saw 2 cops chasing a guy with their guns drawn.

i guess since i never really had that much contact with the police, i didn't really think about how dangerous their jobs really are. i mean...at any point, someone could pull a gun, knife, etc. and kill them. they deal with the worst of the worst...people up to absolutely no good. they put their lives on the line every single shift...for the safety of everyone else.

and for that...i say thanks. they get props.


erin said...
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Team Burton™ said...

What makes me sad is that so many officers these days get a bad rap, because of the corrupt ones that get all the media attention. Nobody cares about the cop that pulled the kitten out of the burning tree, they want to hear about the cop that gunned down the 91 year old black woman by mistake. It's my personal opinion that cops are treated as poorly, if not worse, than Vietnam veterans. Especially the Sheriff's Deputy types. My cousin here was a Deputy for a while, and a couple of years ago his friend, also a deputy, pulled a guy over on a routine traffic stop and the guy in the car shot him in the face with a .38. Fortunately, he survived, but last time I heard he is still recovering from that. So yes. I'll see your prop giving, and I'll raise you snaps.