just a few things...

i finally got my new computer. i am not so sure how i feel about vista. it is not really working with my camera software and that is driving me a tad crazy. dell also called me 2 times on wednesday to make sure that i got it. so...if you ever have to deal with dell's customer service...talk to hazel, though i am sure that is only her american name and not her real name. she's good.

it snowed today...snowed! i do not live in the north. it should not snow in april. no one should have a white easter.

i was looking on the projectvotesmart website today, and it started to make me a little mad. people's voting records did not necessarily match up with what they said they supported. and that is what i hate about politics. why lie? like i tell my clients all the time...lying gets you nowhere.

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erin said...

WHAT??? SNOW??? and yes, i am shouting...i missed it? ok, so i don't really think it should snow in april...doesn't make for a good easter egg hunt (but then again guess you don't have to worry about the rotting eggs if you don't find them all). but still? i hate not being in nashville....i am so missing out!