i watch too many crime shows

and how i know this is....

my sister decided to not answer her phone or respond to texts yesterday and this morning. this is odd because the girl never lets that phone leave her side.

so...i start to worry this morning. i call my mama...she hasn't heard from her either. and then my mind goes to all these shows....someone could have kidnapped her...someone could have kidnapped her and daphne....someone could have hurt her, etc.

i finally got a text from her, but that still wasn't enough to calm my mind. i thought...you know...the person that took her could just be responding back acting like her.

but she finally called during her lunch hour. had she not, i was planning on calling daphne, and if i couldn't get her, both of their works. and if that didn't happen...celia was going to call the police.

so...yea...i decided that i watch too many crime shows on tv, and it has effected my imagination just a little too much.


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about this....IM ALIVE!

erin said...

ditto! but just recall what you do for a living and then factor that in a little...makes you slightly less crazy!