i love easter sunday. the church that i went to today wasn't that great...but still. easter sunday always gives me hope and is sort of like a fresh start. i heart Jesus!

so...i got a ticket the other day. i was speeding...i admit it. the cop didn't even ask me questions or want to see my insurance or registration. it was the same cop that came to the wreck i had in bertha, but i wasn't about to say...hey motorcycle cop..remember me? i was the girl in the big car that took out a big pole.

so can i just say that the news is quite depressing. it seems like they never report any of the good stuff that happens. i saw on msnbc the other day that a child psychiatrist molested children for over 40 years. now that makes me want to vomit. it is just a sad time we live in, and the news never lets me forget that.

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Team Burton™ said...

CNN once tried a TV show where all they talked about was good news. It only lasted 12 weeks.