jobs i could never have

  • homicide detective, cop, military personnel, prison guard...any type of job that makes me carry a gun
  • bounty hunter/bonds person...there is just something that strikes me as stupid about lending money to criminals
  • coroner...or anything else that has to do with dead bodies. it is not glamorous no matter what they show on tv.
  • zoo worker, vet, pet store worker, etc...have to stay away from the birds
  • plastic surgeon, really any type of surgeon...i don't cut on people
  • construction worker
  • garbage girl...or any job that has ever been on the show dirty jobs...this girl likes to stay clean!
  • politics...i think i speak my mind too much to ever hold any type of public office
  • toll collector...BORING!


Tammy said...

Wait, so you don't want to join Dog's crew? What happened to your dreams?

erin said...

i personally think that being a toll collector would be such a cush job! and coroner...perfect! then you wouldn't have to deal with anyone talking back to you. any job involving inflicting some kinda of pain on another WITH their permission is my line of work....oh wait that's what i do now! :)