i hate customer service

i hate dell's customer service. and i'll tell you why.

i ordered a laptop...oh...about 3 weeks ago. it came to me broken...the lcd wasn't working. who wants to lay down lots of money on a computer that arrives broken? not celia. so...i call dell's customer service, and they say that they can send someone to fix it. i tell them...no...i want a new one.

so they transfer me. they guy tries his hardest to get me to just repair it, but i'm not budging. i'm a thrifty girl so when i spend that much money, it best work and it best work properly when it is brand new. so...he told me that he would put the exchange in and send me an e-mail at the end of the day. i never got an e-mail.

so...i call back after the weekend. i had to tell the whole story over again and explain why i wanted a new computer. they transfer me around and finally i get to talk to someone that says he put the exchange in and the new computer would come to me in 5 to 7 days. he was nice about it...so i trusted him. BIG mistake!

after 7 days, i had no computer. so...i called them back only to find out that the exchange did not go through.

so...celia gets mad and gets her bitch face on. the poor girl that i talked to...i kinda felt bad for her because it wasn't her fault, but i had had enough.

why is it my responsibility to make sure that dell is doing it's job. i sent them an e-mail letting them know just how unsatisfied and unhappy i am with their stupid company. not that it will do any good, but i needed to get it off my chest.

so...moral of the story...don't trust dell's customer service. they lie.

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erin said...

now don't you feel better?.....

that's ok, 2 days ago i wanted to put a chokehold on some bank customer service reps who very politely told me that i cannot get credited the amount of a check i deposited with a teller and sr. teller's approval until the company who wrote the check pays them the amt....i said, but i could have cashed it and you would have given me the cash right there even though they haven't given you the money...umm..yes, and then i could turn around and deposit that and immediately have access to the money i already deposited...yes....ummmm...makes NO sense....good thing i have 2 checking accts currently, b/c i had no access to that one, although they drew 12 hrs. of interest on my invisible money! :)