celia's drive to work

so, this morning...i was on my way to a school to see one of my clients. i was driving...minding my own business...looking at the quite large, white rat that was walking around in front of a house. i was at a busy 4 way stop. so, you know...it was slow, stop and go traffic.

all of a sudden...the car behind me hits me. yes...a car rear-ended me and it jerked me. and i think to myself...great...just what i need...to have to miss my appointment to deal with this.

so....i pull over, get out of the car, and try to avoid the rat (which i successfully did) and then the guy gets out. we inspect the cars. there is no damage...not even a scratch. and the guy looks me in the eye...smiles...and says...it was a love tap.

love tap my ass. this is not desperate housewives. you cannot do that.

so...i politely tell him that i am late for an appointment and left.

he wasn't even cute.


erin said...

i CANNOT believe he tried to pull that....i laughed so hard I almost cried...really, what was he thinking? boys!

Anonymous said...

You have already told me this story, but reading it makes me laugh again...love your sister

Tammy said...

That would be hilarious if it hadn't included you getting hit. Oh man, I'm still laughing.