my life has been a little crazy and stressful.

crisis was definitely the word of the week last week.

i got my car fixed...belts...belts that cost me $170. but now the little car doesn't squeal, so i am happy and not embarrassed anymore.

it also snowed. as you can see from the picture from my balcony that the roads were not bad. but really...a southern girl + snow does not equal driving.

some of my favorite auburn people came to town this weekend, and that was lots of fun! it was good to see them and play catch up.

i got sick yesterday. it was terrible. i do not like to throw up. but i feel completely fine today. it is amazing how much difference a day makes.

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erin said...

i second all of that! glad u are feeling better! hope it wasn't lunch on sunday? maybe it was just all that stress??