inward solitude has outward manifestations. there is the freedom to be alone, not in order to be away from people but in order to hear the divine whisper better.
--r. foster

that is what my weekend was all about. solitude. and it was nice.

i think that i've finally processed my experiences at seminary. i'll spare you the details.

i have also been reading this book that i got for christmas...captivating. it is really good. i'm not completely done with it, but it is really good. i know i already said that, but it is. granted, there are a few things that are left out, but it is just really speaking to me right now. so...all you ladies...you should totally read it.

after reading some chapters and having my own little worship time last night, i was just overcome with the beauty that is god. it was something that he started showing me in africa, but i think reading the book has made it come full circle for me.

and i think that i have found a church. hooray for that. it is something that i have been praying about for a while. so, it was nice to go to a place where i was welcomed.

and so i think that god whispered several things to me this weekend in my time with him. and it was nice.

oh...and i also watched pretty much all of season 1 of friends. i didn't realize how funny ross really is.

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