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nothing terribly exciting has happened lately.

i saw cats last weekend. it was a little weird. it was good...but that might be because i like cats.

the job is going good. i think that my transfer is official february 5th. i think sometimes that i forget that counseling/helping profession is something that i have been called to, and really the job gets hard when i don't put it in the frame of reference. i can't do this without Him.

church was good today. we sang one of my favorite songs. lunch with erin was good too. conversation and bbq always make for a good pair.

i have to go get my car looked at tomorrow morning. it is making this terrible screeching noise when i make a hard turn. i really hope it isn't anything that is going to cost a lot of money. this is the first car repair that i am going to have to pay for. but i have my big girl panties on, and i can deal with it.

i did get a new pair of shoes when i was in kentucky, and i love them so much that i am going to share them with you....

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Your favorite cousin said...

If it screeches when you make hard turns then it's probably your power steering going out. I really don't think it will be a big issue.