what does a murderer, a pie baking contest, kitchen cabinets, lots of food, and piggy back rides have in common...that's right....thanksgiving 2006.

it was quite the interesting trip to alabama...so, this post is going to be long!

let's start with the pie baking contest...or so that is what i call it. nothing was on tv wednesday night...so, i decided to watch iron chef america. big mistake! that show makes the brother want to cook. so, at 11:00 at night...he goes to the store and buys the ingredients for pies. here are the results:

a chocolate chip pie...

a sweet potato pie...

and a chocolate pie.

all the pies were a hit and now we have the job to bring the desserts. but...that is the easy part of thanksgiving. wouldn't you much rather make a pie (or watch your brother make a pie) than have to cook the dressing or turkey?

we went to my mama's side of the family for lunch. and it was fun. i just basically played with the children. i'm not so sure it would have been much fun without them.

the new baby and me....

the brother and sam...they played horse and cat...sam won!

my old, old granny. doesn't she just look so excited? i had to take her picture so many times, but it never turned out.

after our food had settled, and my sister and i listened to my mother tell us we needed to get a man and have her some grandchildren, the siblings and i went out to my daddy's side of the family.

the festivities had pretty much died down by the time we got out there, but folks were still there. we watched the new puppy chase the soccer ball and just chatted it up. at dark we went down the hill to my paw paw's and the plundering began. my sister, brother, cousin, and i had us a good time. i think the brother and cousin had the most fun though. when they were in the basement, they were laughing so hard we could hear them upstairs. if only they had had my camera to take pictures of their little dress up session.

here's my paw paw...he was cold.

my paw paw and maw maw were avid gardeners for the longest time. they still have jars of veggies in the basement.

paw paw gave thad some of his old pipes. you would have thought that he had given him pure gold...thad was so excited.

so....after the plundering ended, we went back to my granny's to watch grey's anatomy and listen to my granny crack jokes on my sister. and just as we are about to walk across the very dark yard to my aunt's house to spend the night, she tells us that a murderer has been there. seriously!

a week or so before, a man stopped at her house and asked her husband for money. he also stopped at my granny's and asked my cousin for money. at the time they didn't think anything of it...but a few days later his picture was on the front page of the newspaper warning people that he was in the area. sc-a-ry! needless to say, i was sketched out on the little walk over to the house. but, we all survived.

and then...we had to go back to my sister's and start the kitchen project. it was not very much fun. we did go to target friday night and scored some really good deals. who needs to get up at the crack of dawn to get the deals....not us!

the sister did buy me this very fancy, expensive hat, which i happen to be very fond of. i think it embarrassed them, but i didn't care. it was spiffy.

but....i didn't really do a whole lot because...well...she liked to criticize and say things with a not so nice tone of voice, and i don't respond well to that. so, i just was the gopher, and i didn't mind that at all.

her new doors...or her painted doors. she is going for the retro look, which will be pretty neat when it is done.

and so...now i am back in the volunteer state....pant-less. i left pretty much all of my pants at the sister's. so, i am very sad about that. but i guess it is kind of a good excuse to go and buy some new clothes. but really...who am i kidding. like i need an excuse.

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Darth Burton said...

I'm still waiting to see if Thad can figure out how to transfer pictures off of his phone.