over the past few days...

so...it has been very tiresome the last few days. funerals and visitations are never fun and neither are all the emotions that go along with them. it was good to see everyone though...and the food was good too. that was pretty much what we did...we ate and talked. it sort of felt like thanksgiving...just without the dressing and with a lot more not so positive feelings.

and then i got to come back to 2 very long, stressful work days filled with seeing all my clients back to back. i shouldn't have worked on monday, but i did since i don't have any time built up to take off. don't you think that a mental health organization should have bereavement days? how effective can we be with our clients if we are dealing with our own junk that just happened? luckily today i got to sleep in and do a little shopping. i am about to go to the office and do some work on the computer...but it sure was nice to sleep in.

thanksgiving is in less than a week. where did the time go? it seemed like this month is just flying by. and then there will be christmas...my most favorite time of the year. i love all the smells!

i attempted to do some christmas shopping this morning. but...i had no luck. one store was having sale, but i couldn't find anything. it made me very sad. so, i went to wal-mart and bought groceries...and a sweet potato pie that i have been craving. it isn't quite as good as a homemade one...but it is close enough.

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