warning: this post is boring!

well...i got my first paycheck. hooray for finally getting paid for stuff i had been doing for free.

auburn lost. it was very sad.

i got my new car...so, that was exciting. i'm on my 3rd car in almost 2 years. i'm being extra careful...so, this one hopefully will last a while.

i met with the retirement plan man at work...kinda wired to already be thinking about that. but...if i start taking it out now, i won't even miss it. i kinda wish i could just travel for the next 30 years instead of working.

i am officially a resident of tennessee. i'm not sure how i feel about that. but...it's official...got the driver's license, tags, etc. to prove it. celia is no longer an alabamian.

we went to the farmer's market downtown on saturday...they had some good fresh produce there. and i got some bread from the mennonites....it was so good!

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