what a day it has been...

so...today starts off really good. i go and do a little cardio in the gym...get in the tanning bed. i even finally found a couch that i really like.

then...it all changes. celia gets stupid and instead of thinking, she just reacts.

i was going to get off the interstate, but i saw my exit a little too late. instead of going to the next exit and turning around, without thinking...i just pull off. when i do...i hit a concrete pole. really...i didn't hit a pole...bertha and i took the pole out. i thought that i was going to stop on impact...no...i kept going. the pole hit the front of my car and popped out of the ground and when it did, it jumped to the back of my car taking out the back windshield, part of the roof, and left a nice scratch/dent down the trunk. stupid celia.

everyone that i dealt with today was so nice and helpful. i guess that was the silver lining of a crappy day...the passer-bys that stopped, the cops, the insurance people, the people at the collision center...they were all so nice and some went out of their way to help me.

bertha is probably a gonner. i sure hope she isn't, but the lady at the collision center said it probably was. great...i haven't even put on my big girl panties yet and i want to return them.

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