i'm here!

tennessee is now the third state that i have lived in in the past month. the move in went ok...some furniture damage, but that is being repaired as i type. it was very tiring walking up and down those stupid stairs...but at least there were several other able bodied people here to help.

i have partially unpacked and decorated, but i still have a lot of organizing and stuff left to do. i also went couch shopping today...oh so tiring! i went to 6 stores, and i only found 1 couch that i might want to get.

let me just go on the record for saying that i hate furniture sales people. if i need you, then i will let you know. please do not follow me around even after i have said that i am just looking.

the kitties are adjusting. mr. kitty hid in the litter box for the entire first day. he and smokey are currently just being very nosey sniffing everything and following me around like they are little puppies.

i finally feel like i am living in the south again. technically kentucky is the south, but it didn't really feel like it to me. i can just tell a difference in the way people are. like for instance...boys holding doors open...people talking to each other in the line at wal-mart...i mean...i even got a war eagle my first night here. what makes a girl feel at home more than a war eagle?

so here i am....ready to finally put on the big girl panties and be an adult.

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