my little encounter with some rednecks

well...my current past time has been job interviewing. it's not very fun, but hopefully i will have a job soon.

after i got through with my interview yesterday, i went to see my grandparents who live out in the country. well, picture this...woods all around with a few houses every now and then....a roughly paved graveled country road....and this old beat up station wagon sitting on the side of the road with 2 women and a man.

so, the man comes out and blocks the road and waves for me to stop. so, i do. i shouldn't have because when i stop, i see that this people are backwoods...if you know what i mean. but i stopped anyway and asked if they would like to use my phone to call someone. they then say that they don't have service, and i say well...i do. then they say...we don't have service, and then i say well...i do. this goes on for a minute, and then i realize that they were talking about their phone at home...not a cell phone.

so...the man proceeds to ask me if i'll take one of the ladies to their house to get a gas jug. so...i look at the ladies and say...sure. why...i don't know. i guess i thought i could take one of them if they tried to jump me. so...then mr. lester (we all introduced ourselves) gets in my car too. shock! i was so taken aback that i didn't tell him to get out. i should have...but once again, i didn't. i could smell the alcohol on his breath, and it was only 1 in the afternoon...as i was turning around, i saw the beer neatly tucked away in his little coozie. when i told them that they needed to buckle up because the censor wouldn't stop until they did, lester said...mam, i don't know how to do that.

so...i think to myself....great, look at what you have gotten yourself into. i should have said no, i can't take you...and made up some excuse. but i didn't. they proceeded to give me directions to their house...first we have to turn onto a more deserted road and then onto a dirt road. i just knew that he was going to cock me in the head with the rolling pin that my grandparents had just given me and rob me or do something else bad.

needless to say...celia was doing some hard core praying.

so...when we get to their house...trailer i mean...bless their hearts...every stereotype that you have for a redneck was there...trailer, broken windows, clothes line with clothes on it, trash everywhere, a broken down car on cinderblocks, mangey looking dog, and when the girl got out of the car, i realized she was barefoot.

as soon as they got out of the car, i got out of there as fast as i could. i had survived my encounter with some good ol' alabama rednecks.


erin said...

ceyah, ceyah, ceyah! didn't you learn anything from 20 yrs of schooling and your momma! where was the good sense God gave you????

Tammy said...

Celia, that one made me laugh out loud. That's like the story every daddy tells his 16 year old girl when she gets her license.