celia's world

and this is what my little world looks like. i'm trying to convince myself that it's not chaotic...but it kinda is. there is nothing in my cabinets, drawers, or shelves. no pictures on the wall...no curtains....nothing. i feel like i am living out of a box...but i guess that is because i am.

class is...well...class. i am not very interested in the topic, and the professor is teaching stuff that i already know. so...celia is doodling a lot in class. and can i just say that group projects are dumb.

i had a phone interview yesterday, and it went like any typical hr round 1 interview. i just want someone to hire me.

i am having mega problems with the financial aid office. they are getting on my nerves.

so...today celia's world is not full of sunshine.

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