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well...my play therapy class is over! it was so fun and so practical...i feel like i need to share some more quotes. they may not be very funny out of the context of the class, but i am going to mention them anyway.

yall ain't like stevie wonder....yall don't just call to say i love you.
if a naked man comes at you with a brick, they don't mean good...either throw down or run.
lifetime...the victim's network.
they're patting your back, and all the while looking for a soft spot to put the knife in.
ain't nobody handcuffing me.
i'd tried to bust that boy down the toilet.
bipolar...borderline...they come at you like a pitbull with rabies.

today...each group had to go to the front and explain their grant to everyone, and our group was by far the funniest. i got so tickled at one point that i could not stop laughing...you know...the kind of the laughing when your side starts to hurt. never have i ever done that before. at least it wasn't when i was talking.

so...yes...celia is done with her next to last class. and the feeling is quite nice. this class was by far one of the most practical and interesting classes that i have ever taken, and he didn't make us do all that stupid busy work. what could be better than that?

there really isn't too much more to report. i have a phone interview with a place in nashville on wednesday. hopefully they will want me to come and do a second interview and then will want to hire me.

i start my last class on monday.

i am moving 2 weeks from today. i kinda have some mixed feelings about that. yes...i want to be closer to my family. yes...i am tired of kentucky. yes...i am ready to finally be done with school. but i will miss some people here, and i don't really have a job yet. i guess i'm just in one of those oh so fun transitional periods. i just wish i had more idea as to where i was going and what i was going to do. i just kinda feel like i am out there just floating around.


erin said...

congrats on the 2nd to last class....but one question for you....exactly who are you playing with?

congrats on the interview-but, ummmm why do i not know abt it? where? i'm excited for you! fill me in. oh, i hope you get it and then you can live in nashvegas and we can play all the time....

celia said...

with kids erin...duh! but apparently you can do it with adults and even family units. so...i guess everyone is really the correct answer to your question.

as for the interview...let's hope they want me real bad, and then i can come live in nashvegas, and we can play...

erin said...

totally know abt play therapy....but those quotes kinda scare me abt what you were learning and how that would tie into people you would be using play therapy on....i don't play with those kinda people! :)

i'll be praying for you about the job!