the world must be full of stupid people....

why else would every stunt-like show or commercial have the little warning on it...do not try this at home.

tonight...while i was watching a&e...i saw the warning 3 times in the span of 1 hour. once...on dog the bounty hunter. once on a commercial for something i can't remember...there was a guy dressed up like a chicken riding his motorcycle over some long jump ramp thing. and then on the previews to that weird guy's show...chris angel mindfreak or something like that.

like i would really try to go hunt down fugitives that have been convicted of bank robbery, car jacking, etc. and more importantly...like i would ever pay or give them money or however the bonding system works to get them out of jail. seems like a pretty risky business since the only clientele you deal with are criminals and crooks.

like i would really dress up like a chicken and then go and do stunts on a bike.

and finally...like i would ever do any of the stupid/fake stuff that chris angel does...i mean....why would i want to cut someone's body in half or make an elephant disappear. seems kinda stupid and pointless. (p.s. i don't watch his show...just saw the commercials)

so, i have come to the conclusion that for so many shows to put that warning on...the world has to be full of stupid people who lack judgment.

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erin said...

yes, like the reason there has to be a warning label on hairdryers telling you that you shouldn't use them while playing in the bath, lest you be electrocuted....obvs. someone tried that!