well, it is 12:30, and i wish i could go back to sleep. about 15 minutes ago...i awoke to loud shouts and beating at my door....quite scary for a girl that lives in a not so good area of town. so, being the nosey person that i am...i go to investigate, and low and behold, there are a group of guys on my door step fighting...two in particular are throwing each other into my door....then they move to right outside my window, and i think...great...just what i need. a drunk, bloody hick to come flying through my window.

this goes on for a few minutes, and for a split second, i ponder whether i should call 911. but as soon as i make the decision to go get my phone, i hear a neighbor come out and distract the guys. i stay downstairs to listen and watch nervously through the little cracks in my blinds.

the guys continue to yell very nasty words at each other, and then two of the other guys tackle and pin one of the guys on the ground. the whole time...he is yelling about some dumb beer and being roommates. for the love...all this crap over a beer! i mean...please don't wake me up and get my adrenaline going over a stupid beer.

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erin said...

just note that you wrote this on 06/06/06.....u should have been slightly more afraid of who was knockin on your door :)