my life

so...i realized that i hadn't written anything in over a week...so, yall must be going through withdrawals. and because i am the good counselor that i am...i don't want yall to have to go through the withdrawal symptoms for something that is so good for you.

nothing too interesting has happened in my life. i have officially finished all of my practicums....so, i am one step closer to actually graduating. i now only have 2 more classes to go. as of today, i have applied to 20 jobs, and sadly, i have only heard from 2. one said they didn't want me, and i have an interview with the other one. hopefully more will respond...they have to know that i am quality! the closer it gets to august 11...the more nervous i get. so, we will quit talking about that now.

today has been the day of phone calls and catch up...it's been nice. and my friend erin is coming on thursday. hip hip hooray! and then i get to go to the a-l for a while and take a trip across the state with my mama to visit all of my family...my one last extended summer vacation.

all is well is the land of celia...well...i guess not all. she just needs a job!

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