THE test

the biggest test of my life is tomorrow...the national counselor's exam. i guess i should really say it is the biggest test in my career...but at the same time, the technical career counseling definition of career is work + leisure. so...really, career = life. but i still hope i pass...i would be oh so embarrassed if i didn't.

i am feeling a little anxious, but that's normal i guess. we shall see how it goes. it's at 8 on a saturday morning. could they have picked a worse time?

now i am off to put in my last hours of study time...on to study about freud, erikson, kholberg, skinner, and remember all about the t-tests, anovas, manvas, ancovas, and all the other research stuff that no one likes. oh the joys of the not so practical side of counseling.


erin said...

i hope you did well! when do you find out? you best be looking at nashvegas for jobs! :)

Jackie said...

Hope the test went well! :) If YOU can't pass it, I'm in trouble next year...