some pictures and thoughts

when i was home over "reading week" it was pretty outside one day...so i went out and took some random pictures. i'll share a few with you...

obviously the stop sign where our road meets the old highway

the side/roof of our house

front porch rocks that need to be swept

the firewood pile

rocks on the side of the house

the ceilings in our house

bricks on the fireplace

when i was walking around, i found the first bike that i ever had. who knew we still had it? i took a picture of it...but i already have a lot on here so i won't bore you with it.

so last night, tammy and i watched the interview with tom cruise, and frankly my dear friends...he scared us. there was lots of inappropriate laughter and comments, and he really never answered her questions. i feel sorry for ol' katie...and the baby. bless their hearts...

tammy also said some pretty amusing things last night, but for her sake i will not write them. she was on a roll.

i have been very productive today...i have written 4 papers! that's an all time high for me. now i am going to study for the rest of the night for my big tests. oh what fun i am going to have!

i finally got my grade for the human sex class i took in january...i made an a, and it did not change my gpa at all. kinda sad...

tomorrow is easter...so yall have a happy easter!

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erin said...

i've said it before, i'll say it again....there's something wrong about playing a good game of freeze tag outside when all of a sudden you feel a thumpin at your ft. what could it be?...your momma with a broom beating on the ceiling telling you to quiet it down up there, you're making too much noise.....if this is ever possible....u might be a redneck....j/k...u know i love you celia, and AL, it's just wierd is all....grass on your roof?