randomness from the day...

so i think my cat might think he is a dog. i caught him chewing on one of my shoes today. no sir mr. kitty, we do not chew celia's new shoes!

i'm not sure who coined the term...walking dead. don't you think that this adequately describes a lot of people? people that are just going through life without really living and without really realizing that they are alive...they are just existing. i don't ever want to be one of those people...i mean, for the love...love life and live it!

so...there is this scandal going on in the big metropolis of clarke county involving teachers and rape and murder plots. i can't for the life of me figure out why a 30 year old wife, mother, and teacher would want to have sex with boys under the age of 16. just goes to show that this stuff happens everywhere...even in the boondocks.

my counseling comp. exam is monday and the big national counselor's exam is next saturday...less than a week and i have to take both of the big tests. it is making me very anxious and nervous!

i spent 10 hours at my practicum today...i had several clients so it wasn't too boring. and when it got dull, courtney and i went outside to investigate what the cops were doing because they had been out in the park all day. but alas we were unsuccessful in finding anything out.

so...america...next week, we need to kick ace off of american idol! please....let's just send him back to colorado or wherever he is from and confine him to the state because frankly...he is quite full of himself and quite annoying.

i am really getting senioritis...i don't want to do anything, but i have to because so much work is due. i don't want to go to class...i don't want to write another stinking paper...i don't want to read another book. if i can make it through this hellish semester...all should be well.

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