ok...so, i'm tired

celia is one tired girl. so, if you don't like whining...then quit reading.

i am tired of writing papers. period. no elaboration needed there.

i am tired of school. homework sucks.

i am tired of people thinking that just because we are young, we don't know anything. hello america...we are educated. what we lack in experience, we do make up in enthusiasm, appropriate boundaries, etc.

did i mention i am tired of school? i'm tired of not having time to read what i want to read and do what i want to do.

i'm tired of living in the seminary bubble. for the love...it is so not the real world.

i'm tired of not knowing where i am going to be in 4 months.

i am tired of weird people. yall know what i am talking about...people that don't have a lot of social skills...people that are uncomfortable in their own skin...people that you get embarrassed for...people that start to grate on your nerves because they don't know any better but still think that their opinions need to be heard about every single little thing. celia has officially lost her patience with this group of people.

i'm tired of people telling me what a hectic semester they are having. for the love...try mine.

i'm tired of people expecting me rearrange my schedule so it is convenient for them, but at the same time, they won't do the same for me.

i'm tired of living in the ghetto...there was a fire here last week. oh the joys of that...

ok...so, there you go...my complaining/whining. it is out of my system now.


Anonymous said...

"I'm tired of having to sit in class staring at an empty desk and missing Celia's subtle but welcome snorts and eye rolls"

celia said...

sorry tam...i had to skip...though it wasn't to do anything fun like sleeping or being out in the pretty weather. it was just to put in a 10 hour day at the center. i promise to not skip again this semester...