it's easter!

and he is risen!

don't be alarmed," he said. "you are looking for Jesus the nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. see the place where they laid him. but go, tell his disciples and peter, 'he is going ahead of you into galilee. there you will see him, just as he told you.' "
mark 16:6-7

two most powerful sentences for me today are...HE HAS RISEN! HE IS NOT HERE! those two sentences shout the meaning of easter or resurrection sunday to me. it's not about the easter bunny or the easter eggs or candy or baskets (though those things are really good). our redeemer lives! it is so cool to know that death no longer has control over us...jesus totally conquered it. thanks be to our wonderful and glorious god for this amazing gift!

what a good day it has been...but i guess it started out pretty shaky though. when i woke up this morning i couldn't really open my eyes. it totally looked like the eater bunny came and beat me up. my eyes were really swollen, along with the rest of my face...but i took some medicine and sat with a cold cloth over my face, and alas the swelling went down some. thank goodness for make-up though...my face was still red and puffy, but good ol' clinique covered it right up.

church was good...the southern food afterwards was good...and then the chocolate after that was good...

now i'm ready to rest.

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