i am kinda tired, so i am not sure why i decided i would post...since i just posted yesterday. it seems like the busier i am, the more distraction from school i want.

so...over the last week or so, these questions have been on my mind...so i thought i share with all five of the people that read my oh so entertaining blog...

  • why does our society objectify women? why is the porn business booming?
  • why have women become trash cans for the world's junk?
  • why do women not stand up for other women?
  • why is violence against women one of the most widespread crimes in our world?
  • why do women still not make as much as men?
  • why do a lot of women need to be validated by men?
  • why do most women struggle with body image?
  • why do some churches and christians lie to women...examples: women can't be fulfilled without a husband or children, women must obediently submit to their husbands in all situations, god created women as inferior beings, destined to serve their husbands, women are not equipped to serve in leadership roles

wasn't jesus about empowering and affirming women?

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