things from celia's week

so i have some time to kill before i have to get ready for church. so i thought...how about i post some of the stuff from this week.

first of all...it must be a sign that you are getting old if you start waking up at the same time every morning whether you have to get up or not. i am losing my ability to sleep late, and that saddens me greatly.

second of all...don't let tammy hold anything breakable because inevitably she will break it.

third of all...what about our prisons system. do they work? should the goal be rehabilitation? what if people can't be rehabilitated? and the death penalty...what about sanctity of life? and why are there more non-violent people in jail. i mean...it seems like the people i would want locked up the most would be those that have a history of rape, murder, abuse, etc. the maximum penalty for rape is 8 years but for drug possession it is 10 years. if i had to pick the lesser of the two evils...i would want the violent folks in jail. wouldn't you?

fourth...i discovered that you could probably say that i am have some feminism in me. not that i am some femo-natzi, but i do believe that we live in a patriarchal society, and it sucks for women a lot of times.

fifth...i am working on getting one of my papers from school published, and it is so fun. there are a group of us, and each one of us is writing a chapter in the book...this whole writing world is interesting.

sixth...time management is the key to getting things done and still being able to watch my shows. by the way...way to go america! we kicked the right people off of american idol!

seventh of all....it is fun to try on random clothes with friends and laugh really hard in the dressing rooms. that is...clothes that you wouldn't normally try on but clothes that have some slight potential.

and finally...i really like the church i am going to. it's not very often that i leave church thinking...can't i have more...can't we continue. but last week...i didn't want to leave. the church is cool.

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